Keyboard Store

A website that resells custom PCBs for mechanical keyboard construction. Focuses on build guides and kits for constructing popular, niche mechanical keyboards. Designs for PCBs must be acquired for ordering, so only open sourced designs would be sold starting out. Possibility to include Chinese part resale for cheap, popular components like screws and Arduino components.

Selling completed builds as unique one-of-a-kind builds could prove extremely popular with a growing community fan base for mechanical keyboards. Not a lot of technical skill, but they still want join in with a truly unique build of their own.

Think, gucci, SUPREME, jelly key – style limited time sales, except for completed custom keyboards.

A Django app that lets retail traders upvote and downvote upcoming companies on the basis that they think they will beat, or fail on the report. Users can exchange cryptocurrency or gamble real money on whether or not a stock will rise or fall in competition with other “players”. Awards are tracked, leaders who get the most right will be on a leaderboard that other users can follow. Users can donate money directly to followed players or win a portion of the pool if they made the right guess on an earnings report.

The minimum viable product is described above. Ideally the application would be expanded to improve on the reward system. A small transaction fee would be introduced to generate profit for the endeavor. 10% of the pool goes to the house, the rest goes to the players who guessed correctly. Player profit is tracked with in-house cryptocurrency, which can be exchanged for real money with the house.


Application that uses current and historical data in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) EDGAR database. The application allows users to extract company financials from specific forms such as the company’s 10-Q/K. The data can then be used directly in user financial models.

Pulls specific sets of information in the form of charts for direct comparison.

Pat’s Tech

“pats-tech” is an Amazon and Ebay store-based venture aimed at the wholesale and local collection of unwanted electronics and accessories and their subsequent resale. More of a hobby project than a full blown operation, pats-tech is aimed at becoming a means to semi-passively collect $20,000 in profit per year from technology repair and resale. The operation is being planned in a way where it could be modular and quickly expanded to scale.

People like being able to clearly see what’s going on in the world. There’s a distinct lack of real time unemployment info on the internet. Looking at the site is confusing (just like their API) – and there isn’t a lot of alternative sources for this reason. is a clear and intuitive solution to this problem. Using the latest react app technology stack to create basic and easy to understand site for unemployment information.

The site continues to be updated as time progresses. Future updates will add additional features that will allow for the expansion of the tool into a useful public utility.

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